About US

Who Am I? The answer is simple; I am the FOUNDER & EDITOR of juicerblenderguide.com, and my name is Rachel Nichols. I am a juice fanatic and fitness enthusiast who loves sharing her experiences with juicers and blenders with others. I love to juice and blending my favorite fruits and vegetables and I am the guy behind this site writing everything about juicers and blenders.

Every passion has its destiny, and my fate was begun with my mom’s kitchen. My mom has a passion for juicing and blending, and I worked with her since I was 13. Today I am 35 years old, and I’ve owned a professional blog and where I can share my experiences. However, you have already figured out that I have twenty-one years’ experience in this field.

Why Should You Choose JuicerBlenderGuide First?

Without goals, you don’t achieve any success. That’s why Juicer Blender Guide was created with one simple goal and that is to assist its readers in solving any problems related to juicers and blenders.

Most publishers have only one author to publish their articles, and they call it enough. On the other hand, JuicerBlenderGuide produces articles with 5 expert writers, and they have immense knowledge of Juicer and Blenders products along with juicing and blending.

We never stop until our customer’s satisfaction is met. We always try to improve the quality of what you see on JuicerBlenderGuide. Also, we always keep an eye on the feedback of our readers on each article. If any article is unclear, we edit it with detailed information. Besides, we update every article whenever it is necessary.

Why Did I Create JuicerBlenderGuide?

Juicers and Blenders have many types; without proper knowledge, you can’t get the right product for you. So, writing about Juicers And Blenders with no experience is very tough. In addition, incorrect information or lack of knowledge can harm your readers.

Fortunately, we have experienced expert writers in avoiding any unfortunate incident.

I know, there are a lot of websites on the internet about Juicers & Blenders, but most of them write the basics. As an expert, I think I can even do better.

To Whom We Want To Help?

Time is very precious to everyone. We want to help those who don’t have time to research Juicers and blenders products through E-commerce sites. In this age of advertising, it is really very very difficult which product is good and which product is not good.

Also same products have different price range as manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertising and promoting their respective products. 

As we have huge knowledge about juicers and blender and luckily we already do market research to save both your time and money.

At the same time we try to find and provide guide related to difference juicer and blender related issues so that readers get proper solutions. 

So How Do We Choose The Best Products For You?

There is no alternative to market research and that's what we do. If you want to buy the best juicers and blenders products, you have to do market research thoroughly. We have several expert marketers to accomplish the task.

Generally, we divided products into three categories. They are:

  • High Price:- This category includes our top suggestion. Products in this category are very high quality and more useful to serious professionals who plan to use their juicers and blenders on a regular basis.
  • Mid Price:- This category includes products for those conscious buyers who want to buy good quality juicers and blenders at no cost.
  • Low Price:-  There are lots of low-priced products available in the market and we find and filter these then we pick the best.

At JuicerBlenderGuide.com we are trying to help you make the right decision. More specifically your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have any questions or you need any information then please contact us via our Contact US page